Paris is one of most fancied place to visit, it is among the dream destination for many. Thanks to infinite Hollywood and Bollywood movies, who have showcased this city as a symbol of love, romance and fashion. So, like any other girl, it was in my wish list too and guess what it got fulfilled last year.

Well, it was our 10th marriage anniversary and we were looking out for a destination to make it special. After lot of thinking and searching as per our requirement, we finally zeroed in to Paris. I was extremely excited to visit this place and to see whether this place is really beautiful, the way it is shown in movies or is just exaggeration.

After a lot of research, we finalized our stay of 4 days but also kept it a bit flexible to accommodate last minute surprises (read shocks) if any. Finally, the d-day arrived. And our 4 days itinerary in Paris, made me fall in love with the city. I wanted to stay more.

Everything in Paris is alluring, every street is made beautiful architecturally. Each bridge is different from other, unique design, street lights. Entire Paris looks like a postcard picture.

My itinerary which i would suggest for first time visitors in Paris.

Day 1

We reached our hotel by evening and after our early dinner at a restaurant next door, we went for a street walk. The streets were chilly, lively and beautifully decorated due to Christmas month. Tip: If you are visiting from other continents especially Asia, it is advisable to reach by evening. Because of two reason, number 1 you do not have jet lag and number 2 you get complete sleep of 6-8 hours. If you reach in the morning or afternoon, you will be tempted to do sightseeing first and then your body cycle will go for a toss.

Paris street during night
Streets during night

Day 2

We first visited LOUVRE MUSEUM, largest museum of paintings and sculptures. The museum is as beautiful from inside as outside. It has 3 building which is full of paintings and sculptures from the best artists. You will need minimum 3-4 hours and can spend the entire day here. See my blog on the top 5 to see in Louvre Museum.

Louvre Museum - outside
Louvre museum outside

Next, we visited MONTMATRE Montmatre is a village situated on a hill. Visiting this place was a instinct decision taken while standing inside the Louvre, though we had planned some other place to visit.

The place is famous for art and paintings as Picasso used to sit here and paint. And if you want to see the village life or you can say real city life in old times and this place is a must to visit. It was our best decision to go there, though i was not 100% interested, as we had planned to visit some other site. We sat in a train which gave us a round of whole village, market, church and highest point from where entire city could be seen. You can feel the city’s vibrancy and freshness.

Later we went to Catacombs but came back as there was more than an hour waiting and it was very chilling outside.

Day 3

This day was dedicated to DISNEY LAND. The only reason we visited here was because of my 4 year old son, he wanted to meet Micky mouse at his house. Otherwise, we could have explored more of city. There is so much to see and explore in Paris. Luckily, it was less crowded when we reached there early in the morning. This place is fun, it brings back the child in you. There were couple of things which really attracted me here. One was a boat ride, where they have showcased the culture of all the countries. And the other thing which i really admired was the Disney Parade. Simply mind blowing.

Day 4

This was indeed a special day for us. It was our 10th Anniversary day and it had to be special. We started our day early with ARC DE TRIUMPH, a memorial dedicated to martyr in war (similar to India Gate in India, but this is architecturally more beautiful).

Then we went to MONTPARNASSE, the place where we were supposed to go after Louvre on day-2. This is the tallest tower in paris and the 360 degree view from top of entire city is better than Effiel. It has Europe’s fastest lift to take you to the observatory level. Do visit the glass roof top which is above observatory level. You will miss something if you do not visit the roof top.

By afternoon we reached to one of the most iconic site EFFIEL TOWER (we had our timing at 3 PM). As it was non peak season, so they allowed us to go at 2.30 PM only. Otherwise it takes more than an hour for your turn despite you having fixed time ticket. We were really lucky that to spend more than an hour on the top of the tower.

The Effiel Tower is mesmerizing as it is shown in movies or perceived as a symbol of love. I was always skeptical and curious that why this iron pillar is so iconic and praised. But when i saw it for real, this iron pillar is simply alluring. Later at night we went on for a SEINE RIVER CRUISE. It was so relaxing to just sit and enjoy the beauty all around.

And not to mention we stopped everywhere to click pictures and traveled using public transport. Read my blog on TIPS FOR VISITING PARIS, if you want to know about safety, transport, photography, tickets etc.

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    1. Hi…yes I always wanted to visit Paris. But it was different than what I expected … but yes was one of the cherished trio.

  1. Paris is my favorite city in the world so I always love reading about it from somebody else’s perspective.

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