This was our last travel before the covid-19 outburst. Though corona entered our country with a couple of cases but things were still under control. We were confused about whether to travel with a toddler or not because the virus was fast spreading everywhere around the globe.

So we took our chances and decided to travel. Unfortunately, our flight got delayed by 4 hours and we reached my sis place at 2 am in the morning. We had planned to leave early the next morning to the reserve, but we started late as everyone needed some sleep before hitting the road.

Upon reaching our resort at Bandipur, we quickly had our lunch and proceeded to our evening Safari. As we entered the Jungle, everything became so quiet. The sound of our jeep was the only noise.

Bandipur Jungle

The Bandipur jungle is a dense and beautiful forest is connected to 3 other national parks internally (Nagarhole National Park, Mudumalai National Park and Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary). The density of the jungle was a treat to watch and spotting animals made it a double treat. We spotted a tiger lying near the river on the first day. We sat in our jeep for more than an hour watching his activities. It was a delight to watch.

On day two, we spotted a sloth bear within 5 minutes of starting our Safari. Post that we were roaming all around the jungle looking for big cats. It felt like an expedition shown on television, where the team is waiting inside the bushes for the tiger or a leopard to come out. Similarly, we were also waiting for the tiger to come out. We had to sit still in our jeep, without any moment for animals to come out. Though we couldn’t spot any tiger that day, the whole experience of the jungle was amazing.

Getting closer to nature is always a pleasurable experience. Nature, the trees, the wildlife, it has an ability to uplift your mood, to heal anything and everything. The more closure you would go, the nature would embrace you with open heart.

I wish to travel soon and enjoy the beauty of mother earth.

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