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It all started when I was a studying my masters. Though I always liked to travel, but it was my visit to Switzerland at that time, which made me realize, how much I really enjoy traveling. Today exploring places has become an integral part of me, my passion. I love to pen down my travel stories, experiences, my itinerary, travel tips. Click here if you wish to take some travel inspirations from them…


I never thought, I can write, like really- really write. Though I used to write interview answers, articles etc for my boss and people appreciated my writing. But I never realized it until I left my full time job to take care of my growing family. I started writing my travel stories on my blog site which i had created long back, but never took it seriously. Slowly my blog site, turned into my portfolio for getting work. My unknown inclination for writing started paying me off. Today I am a freelance writer. Connect with me…

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Meditation Instructor, Zentangle Artist

Well, you do a lot of things which you never thought you would ever do in your life. I learned healing and meditation when I took a break from my professional career to keep my brain busy from unwanted thoughts. And slowly, I started noticing positive changes in all aspects of my life. I felt more energized and charged up. Gradually it became part of my life . Today when I take meditation sessions , it gives me that satisfaction for being a reason to bring positive changes in other person’s life…


A Dotting Mother, Loving Wife, Content Writer, Travel Blogger, Meditation Instructor, Zentangle Artist, Pranic Healer, Research and Marketing Professional, Homemaker, I have become an expert in donning different hats in everyday life.

Hello friends, I am Sarika. An MBA by qualification with 9+ years’ of corporate experience. My avid learner’s attitude have taught me to have multiple perspective about things and has made me a better person today.

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If You Can Dream It, If You Can Visualize It, There Is Always A Way To Achieve It

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