It was my first offsite trip. I still remember, almost 2 decades ago, going to Mauritius was considered as a luxurious place and only  rich people used to go. Actually at that time travelling abroad was a big thing. Not everyone could afford it. It was a fad in TV serials as well, they used to have couple of episodes showcasing Mauritius as a couple went on Honeymoon or Family going their …etc. The story got revolved around it.

I was fascinated by the beauty of this place and got a chance to visit this beautiful place when I least thought about it.

Tourist Points visited:

  • La Cuvette Beach – Situated in Grand Bay, its a small bay. The beach is famous for swimming as it is relatively calm beach. Also, one can see nice light sand, turquoise sea and black rock. The combination looks beautiful.dsc01938
  • Trou Aux Beach – It is one of most beautiful beach. This is also famous for water sports specially surfing.dsc02018
  • Crocodile Park – which had many crocodile of-course but also had 100s of Tortoise. I was surprised to see so many tortoise together. I had a unique experience of sitting on the tortoise
  • picture-555
  • 7 Colour Earth – It is a small area of sand dunes comprising sand of seven distinct colors. The colors have evolved through conversion of Lava to clay minerals. And surprisingly if you mix all the colors of the sand in a bottle, it will settle into separate layers and all seven colors can be identified. This is known as “Nature Miracle”.picture-412
  • Trou Aux Cerfs Volcano – The crater is known as dormant volcano. It means it can wake up any time. One can have the 360 degree view from the top. Mauritius is blessed with the nature/ natural beauty.dscn1791
  • Chamarel Waterfall – It is a beautiful waterfall surrounded by Black River national Park. One can see the waterfall from the upper deck situated at seven colored of earth or from the bottom of Chamarel falls. I saw from the upper deck and the view is amazing of the valley below.
  • SSR Botanical Garden – It is the oldest garden which has very unique flora. It also has deer and tortoise. One can visit this place if flora, trees, nature is what interests you.picture-457
  • Church – Do not remember the name but it is a beautiful open church. One really feels fresh going there.
  • Museum – It displays precious heritage of Mauritius and its region.  The most popular artefacts are two of the rarest stamps – red one penny and blue two pence. One can skip site, but this site is usually included of you have booked a city tour.
  • Triolet Shivala – Biggest Hindu Temple in honor of God Shiva, Vishnu, Ganesh, Krishna, Brahma and Muruga

Interesting Activities:  I got opportunity to do many new activities and have unique experience.

  • Under Sea Walk – This is one of the most unique experience. The best thing is it does not require any knowledge of swimming. We were first transferred to a platfor situated on the lagoon through a motorboat. After a small briefing we were taken down in a group of 2-3 pax at a time. There was a special helmet given to us for normal breathing. We went below 3-4m and witnesses the magnificent marine life of fauna, corals and wide variety of fishes in its natural habitat.img_6869
  • Underwater Submarine Scooter – This was again was a unique experience for me. To drive a scooter that to below the water. 2 pax can sit together on one scooter and explore the marine life. Again one doesn’t need to know either driving or swimming for doing this activity. One also gets a certificate after completion of this excursion.
  • Parasailing –  This activity offer to get a breathtaking view of lagoons and beaches of Mauritius. It is ideal for people who love sea-air activity. The sailing begins with safety briefing and then taken to launch pod through a boat. Then was towed behind a boat attached to a special parachute. You will fly for a while and then the parachute was lower down to take a dip in the water before going up again. It was so refreshing. Earlier I did not wanted a dip in the sea but then I actually enjoyed it. It is definitely one of it kind experience.dsc00298
  • Banana Boat – Another water activitydsc05672
  •  Quad Biking – Mauritius was full of adventure for me. We were given security briefing before riding the bike. It was little heavy for me to operate as one needs to have power to turn the handle but somehow managed. It was super fun filled voyage.


This trip was among my best cherished trips. It was a beautiful combination of adventure and tourist spots.

The only I would like to do if I ever go to this beautiful place again is to “Walk with Lions and Cheetahs”.



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