Bandhavgarh and Kanha National Park: Wildlife in Madhya Pradesh

Bedaghat || Bandhavgarh National Park || Kanha National Park After the whole 2 years of covid, we wanted to celebrate the new year somewhere. Though we needed to figure out where to go, it would be crowded everywhere. Most people would like to go out and celebrate. Therefore we wanted a place that would be less crowded, and we thought of going to the Jungle. Usually, resorts in Jungle have limited people staying, and you get the jeep exclusively for safari. You do not have to share it with anyone. Hence we decided to go to Bandhavgarh and Kanha National … Continue reading Bandhavgarh and Kanha National Park: Wildlife in Madhya Pradesh

GIR National Park: Home of King of the Jungle, Gujrat.

Gir National Park || Somnath || Diu Gir National Park is one of the most beautiful parks I have seen. It is the only place other than Africa where Lions are found in their natural habitat. We have been thinking of visiting GIR for quite some time now. But every time, it either got canceled or postponed. Finally, we booked our tickets during the Diwali holidays. GIR National Park There are 10 routes inside the GIR National Park, which are randomly allocated. You can try requesting a particular route if you wish to go. Routes 6 and 9 are considered … Continue reading GIR National Park: Home of King of the Jungle, Gujrat.

Khajuraho: A Spiritual Journey Through Art

Khajuraho || Panna National Park Khajuraho is one of the most beautiful temples I have ever seen. I was mesmerized by the beauty, rich culture, heritage, and spirituality of the Indian Ethos showcased through art here. It was a long weekend of 5 days of holiday (which is quite rare), and I was constantly bugging my husband to go someplace. After multiple yes/nos and a lot of research about where to go, we finalized Khajuraho and Panna National Park in Madhya Pradesh. This was after a long time; we traveled via train to Khajuraho. As we reached the station, we … Continue reading Khajuraho: A Spiritual Journey Through Art


It was last week of Nov and we were sitting and casually discussing. Suddenly, we realized it is our anniversary next week. It has been 12 years of togetherness, but we did survive with each other. We had all the drama, kittle, arguments, care, love over the years, but we grew strong. We had our ups and downs but we always had each others back. We became friends first and then life partners. The journey of all these years of kinship, we thought of celebrating it. but were not sure due to covid-19 situation. We had all question like how … Continue reading UNEXPLORED LANSDOWNE, UTTRAKHAND, INDIA


“Chalo Bhulava Aaya Haiiii Baba Ne Bulaya Hai”. As the Indian saying goes “jab tak bhulava nahi aata, tab tak nahi ja sakte” (one can pay visit to the holy place only when god himself has called you, want you to see). Well I didn’t believe much on this saying and always felt it is you who decide weather you want to go or not. But now i think, i kind of have some belief on this saying. So the story goes like this. It was early this year when we all went (me, my son, parents, sister, aunt and driver) … Continue reading HOME OF SATGURU SAI BABA – SHIRDI, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA


Long weekends are always a boon and the time to travel for a travel freak like me. I love to explore new places and experiences whenever I get an opportunity. This time I experienced something unique that I never thought I would ever search for. While searching for weekend getaways from Delhi, a blog suddenly popped up and we instantly decided to finalize this place. It was the long weekend of March, thanks to Good Friday. And we decided to go and see the stars, planets, moon, sun, galaxies, formations…etc technically the sky the universe. So we did our booking … Continue reading THE SUN, THE MOON,THE PLANETS, THE STARS – ALWAR, RAJASTHAN, INDIA


It’s my sister’s wedding. And the most important rather exciting work is to do shopping. So we all decided to go to Yeola to purchase traditional maharashtrian saree – “Paithani”. The saree is made with very fine thread with Peacock design at the Border and Pallu. But now a days Lotus is also being made instead of Peacocks for variety. The saree looks really elegant when worn. Yeola is the only city in the State of Maharashta for purchasing traditional Paithani at a whole sale rate. So it is only advisable to go there if one wants to buy sarees … Continue reading PEACOCKS AND LOTUS – YEOLA, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA


I was very fascinated with the term Mela (in hindi)/Fair (in english) from my childhood. And the all thanks to our Bollywood movies. Brothers or family members used to get separate from each other in Mela and reunite later after many years. This used to be plot of many bollywood movie. Finally i got a chance to fulfil my wish this year in 32nd Surajkund mela organized in Faridabad, Haryana.   Surajkund mela is at par with international standard fair and is worlds largest craft fair This festival is held yearly for 15 days in the month of Feb showcasing … Continue reading LARGEST CRAFT FAIR – SURAJKUND, HARYANA, INDIA


Tokyo, capital of the country and the world’s most populous metropolis. It offers seemingly unlimited choices of shopping, entertainment, culture and dining to its visitors. We planned our trip last Dec to celebrate new year. We wanted to be the first one to welcome the year 2018, as sun rises first in this country followed by other countries. The country is so vibrant, organised, technologically so forward, that you really enjoy the different colours offered by the city. We stayed here for 3 nights and the most interesting part about our stay was the famous Godzilla. The theme/subject on which … Continue reading LAND OF RISING SUN – TOKYO, JAPAN


Kyoto is known as repository of Japan culture. The city is the spiritual heart of Japan. Kyoto has surely gained popularity as a must visit destination because of its incredible attractions for tourists. The city alone offers  2000+ temples and shrines. I got an opportunity to visit this place couple of months back in December. We had planned to stay in Kyoto first for couple of nights followed by Tokyo for our remaining stay  (generally people do the opposite). Upon landing Narita airport, we straight headed towards Kyoto by boarding domestic flight. Kyoto is much beautiful than i thought. It … Continue reading WALK IN MYSTERIOUS PLACES – KYOTO, JAPAN


Japan’s first permanent capital is now known as Nara, is full of historic treasure and scenic beauty. The city is compact and the highlights can be packed in a day tour of this place. We clubbed our Nara tour along with couple of things to see in Kyoto. We started our tour to Nara post lunch. There are mainly three interesting places to see here. Todaiji Temple The Great Eastern temple is one of the most famous and significant temple in Japan. The massive building houses one of the largest Bronze statue of Buddha – Daibutsu. The seated statue is … Continue reading IT’S DEER CALLING – NARA, JAPAN


Hakone, is known for its scenic beauty for all the four seasons of the year. One could travel to this place any time around the year due to its pleasant weather throughout. It is one of the most popular destination travelled, due to its proximity to Tokyo and stunning views of Mt. Fuji. Hot Springs, Lake Ashi and Mt Komagatake ropeway are other big attractions for foreign travellers. Hakone tour was scheduled in the second half of the day, post lunch. The itinerary didn’t excited me much. After witnessing Mt Fuji in the morning, I was thinking there would be … Continue reading CITY OF FOUR SEASONS – HAKONE, JAPAN


Japan has always been a fascinating nation. Off late many of my known went to Japan and have been hearing lot of stories and things from them. Finally even I got an opportunity to see and live all the stories heard. Nevertheless everything I heard was true.   Here, am sharing a story on things I found super fascinating in Japan: Train System – Travelling in Japan is very easy due to its train system which I believe is best in the world. Although sometimes you may feel that map is so complicated and confusing, but if one knows how … Continue reading NIHON- NATION OF ISLANDS IN EAST ASIA, JAPAN


Fun, Frolic, Adventure and Nightlife are all synonymous to Goa. The city is simple to understand as compared to other states of the country. It is divided into 2 regions North Goa and South Goa. And both regions are just opposite to each other in terms of activities/characteristics. North Goa, is more for party, having fun with friends. All the carnivals and festivals happen here. One can enjoy anything here from beaches, churches, forts, water sport adventures etc. While, South Goa, is more for relaxation. Grab a book or take a sun bath are the activities which one can enjoy here. Both … Continue reading PARTY CAPITAL – GOA, INDIA


It has been long that I wanted to write about this dream come true destination. Its been over 10 years that I visited this place, but all the memories with this place is super fresh even today. It was my first place to travel abroad and that too alone without family/parents. Switzerland is indeed a dream travel place for everyone due to its pristine scenic beauty, panoramic snow covered mountains & glaciers, picture card cities, crystal clear lakes and adventure sports like paragliding, skiing…etc. I went to this paradise for a 10 day study tour with my collage, where I … Continue reading MAJESTIC LAND – SWITZERLAND


Experiencing Jhugfraujoch is the highlight of any trip to Switzerland. This is a different world altogether. The view from here nearly takes a breath away – glaciers all around snow crunches under the feet, icy air across your face and chilling wind with little drizzle on your body. One can only understand what I am trying to say, is by visiting this heaven. I got an opportunity to visit this wonderful place when I was studying. Never thought in my dreams, that I would ever go to this place so early in my life and that too my first travel … Continue reading JEWEL IN THE CROWN – JUNGFRAUJOCH, SWITZERLAND


Interlaken known for its better connectivity to various regions is situated at the edge of 3 region Jungfrau, Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. The view from this place is spectacular especially during good weather. We all friends, while in Switzerland on a study tour back in 2007, went here to do the famous adventure sport – paragliding. But that day to our dismay the weather condition was not suitable to do so. It was little drizzling that day which resulted in all the activities to be called off. I was very disappointed for not being able to do. The rest … Continue reading IN BETWEEN THE LAKES – INTERLAKEN, SWITZERLAND


Kingdom of Thailand as it is officially known, is a magnet for the travelers around the world. Bangkok, Pattya, Phuket and Koh Samui are among the 4 most visited/preferred cities/island in the country. I visited two very different from each other cities – Pattaya and Bangkok. PATTYA The first thing which comes in the mind when we hear Pattaya city is “it’s a men’s destination (especially in India)”, due to its large sex tourism industry. Although it does have many family friendly attraction and activities. So when I got an opportunity to travel to this city, I was very excited and  really wanted to … Continue reading THE LAND OF SMILES – THAILAND


It has been more than 7 years ever since I went to Bali, but it still feels like yesterday. All the memories related to this place are so fresh. Well, one of reason for this place to be special is it was our honeymoon destination – perfect, serene, and the most beautiful. I remember back then it was not that famous tourist spot for Indians and was only seen as a couple destination, but in the last 3-4 years it has become one of the favorite destinations for Indians be it couples, family and even corporates – many conferences /outbound meetings are being … Continue reading ISLAND OF THE GOD’S – BALI, INDONESIA