Delhi has been given many name – dilli dilwalo ki, craziest city, loud city, noisy city, dirty city, polluted city, happening city. It has been given all the names. Though sometimes I do agree with its associations, but, the city surely has its own charm. And it can only be known if you have stayed here. The city offers something for everyone – be it tourist places/monuments, markets for shopping, food streets, almost anything one wants. I have visited all the places multiple times, but still whenever i visit them, it always shows me something new, the side which I … Continue reading ONE CRAZY CITY – DELHI


It’s my sister’s wedding. And the most important rather exciting work is to do shopping. So we all decided to go to Yeola to purchase traditional maharashtrian saree – “Paithani”. The saree is made with very fine thread with Peacock design at the Border and Pallu. But now a days Lotus is also being made instead of Peacocks for variety. The saree looks really elegant when worn. Yeola is the only city in the State of Maharashta for purchasing traditional Paithani at a whole sale rate. So it is only advisable to go there if one wants to buy sarees … Continue reading PEACOCKS AND LOTUS – YEOLA, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA


Tokyo, capital of the country and the world’s most populous metropolis. It offers seemingly unlimited choices of shopping, entertainment, culture and dining to its visitors. We planned our trip last Dec to celebrate new year. We wanted to be the first one to welcome the year 2018, as sun rises first in this country followed by other countries. The country is so vibrant, organised, technologically so forward, that you really enjoy the different colours offered by the city. We stayed here for 3 nights and the most interesting part about our stay was the famous Godzilla. The theme/subject on which … Continue reading LAND OF RISING SUN – TOKYO, JAPAN