Bandhavgarh and Kanha National Park: Wildlife in Madhya Pradesh

Bedaghat || Bandhavgarh National Park || Kanha National Park After the whole 2 years of covid, we wanted to celebrate the new year somewhere. Though we needed to figure out where to go, it would be crowded everywhere. Most people would like to go out and celebrate. Therefore we wanted a place that would be less crowded, and we thought of going to the Jungle. Usually, resorts in Jungle have limited people staying, and you get the jeep exclusively for safari. You do not have to share it with anyone. Hence we decided to go to Bandhavgarh and Kanha National … Continue reading Bandhavgarh and Kanha National Park: Wildlife in Madhya Pradesh

GIR National Park: Home of King of the Jungle, Gujrat.

Gir National Park || Somnath || Diu Gir National Park is one of the most beautiful parks I have seen. It is the only place other than Africa where Lions are found in their natural habitat. We have been thinking of visiting GIR for quite some time now. But every time, it either got canceled or postponed. Finally, we booked our tickets during the Diwali holidays. GIR National Park There are 10 routes inside the GIR National Park, which are randomly allocated. You can try requesting a particular route if you wish to go. Routes 6 and 9 are considered … Continue reading GIR National Park: Home of King of the Jungle, Gujrat.

Khajuraho: A Spiritual Journey Through Art

Khajuraho || Panna National Park Khajuraho is one of the most beautiful temples I have ever seen. I was mesmerized by the beauty, rich culture, heritage, and spirituality of the Indian Ethos showcased through art here. It was a long weekend of 5 days of holiday (which is quite rare), and I was constantly bugging my husband to go someplace. After multiple yes/nos and a lot of research about where to go, we finalized Khajuraho and Panna National Park in Madhya Pradesh. This was after a long time; we traveled via train to Khajuraho. As we reached the station, we … Continue reading Khajuraho: A Spiritual Journey Through Art


“Chalo Bhulava Aaya Haiiii Baba Ne Bulaya Hai”. As the Indian saying goes “jab tak bhulava nahi aata, tab tak nahi ja sakte” (one can pay visit to the holy place only when god himself has called you, want you to see). Well I didn’t believe much on this saying and always felt it is you who decide weather you want to go or not. But now i think, i kind of have some belief on this saying. So the story goes like this. It was early this year when we all went (me, my son, parents, sister, aunt and driver) … Continue reading HOME OF SATGURU SAI BABA – SHIRDI, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA


Long weekends are always a boon and the time to travel for a travel freak like me. I love to explore new places and experiences whenever I get an opportunity. This time I experienced something unique that I never thought I would ever search for. While searching for weekend getaways from Delhi, a blog suddenly popped up and we instantly decided to finalize this place. It was the long weekend of March, thanks to Good Friday. And we decided to go and see the stars, planets, moon, sun, galaxies, formations…etc technically the sky the universe. So we did our booking … Continue reading THE SUN, THE MOON,THE PLANETS, THE STARS – ALWAR, RAJASTHAN, INDIA


It’s my sister’s wedding. And the most important rather exciting work is to do shopping. So we all decided to go to Yeola to purchase traditional maharashtrian saree – “Paithani”. The saree is made with very fine thread with Peacock design at the Border and Pallu. But now a days Lotus is also being made instead of Peacocks for variety. The saree looks really elegant when worn. Yeola is the only city in the State of Maharashta for purchasing traditional Paithani at a whole sale rate. So it is only advisable to go there if one wants to buy sarees … Continue reading PEACOCKS AND LOTUS – YEOLA, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA


I was very fascinated with the term Mela (in hindi)/Fair (in english) from my childhood. And the all thanks to our Bollywood movies. Brothers or family members used to get separate from each other in Mela and reunite later after many years. This used to be plot of many bollywood movie. Finally i got a chance to fulfil my wish this year in 32nd Surajkund mela organized in Faridabad, Haryana.   Surajkund mela is at par with international standard fair and is worlds largest craft fair This festival is held yearly for 15 days in the month of Feb showcasing … Continue reading LARGEST CRAFT FAIR – SURAJKUND, HARYANA, INDIA


Fun, Frolic, Adventure and Nightlife are all synonymous to Goa. The city is simple to understand as compared to other states of the country. It is divided into 2 regions North Goa and South Goa. And both regions are just opposite to each other in terms of activities/characteristics. North Goa, is more for party, having fun with friends. All the carnivals and festivals happen here. One can enjoy anything here from beaches, churches, forts, water sport adventures etc. While, South Goa, is more for relaxation. Grab a book or take a sun bath are the activities which one can enjoy here. Both … Continue reading PARTY CAPITAL – GOA, INDIA


It is always difficult to decide a place for picnics especially when you have small kids. One needs to consider lot of factors before zeroing on a place. There are lot of questions which pops up – is it a baby friendly spot? Can I take food inside? Can we carry baby bags? How much time will it take to reach the place Etc. etc. Have listed two such places which are baby/kids friendly. And the best part is, this place is for everyone. There is something for everyone from elders to kids. No one will get bored here. Both … Continue reading DAY’S TRIP TO VILLAGE – DELHI NCR, INDIA


Nanital, known as “Lake District of Uttrakhand”, is one of the most popular hill station in India, especially for Northern India – it serves as a weekend gateway tourist destination. I always wanted to visit this place for two reasons, one it is a beautiful place and second, it is near to Delhi. Generally, people tend to visit those places which are far off and ignore the places which are nearby thinking we can travel this place anytime. And nearby places always get ignored as taken for granted destinations. We went there in August for 3 days, though not a good month to travel. Landslide is very common … Continue reading UTTRAKHAND, THE LAKE DISTRICT- NANITAL, NAUKUCHAITAL, SATTAL, BHIMTAL, INDIA


It was one of my best adventure and cherished trip. Not only it was a well arranged/planned but was also my last trip as a bachelorette (before getting married) with friends. We were a group of 5 mad people (3 girls & 2 guys). We started our journey early morning at around 6am, in our own vehicle from Delhi, to avoid city traffic. When I look back now, it is very easy to plan things when one is single, with family lot of factors have to be considered while traveling, and specially with kids. It was Apr 2009 when I went to this magnificent … Continue reading ADVENTURE CAPITAL OF INDIA – RISHIKESH, UTTRAKHAND, INDIA


Neemrana, the place where i wanted to go from the day i heard about flying fox adventure. It was the major attraction for me to visit this place. So i was after my husband’s life to go there over a weekend….. We went in Mar which is not that good season to travel as the day gets quite hot. Luckily the weather was pleasant during our visit to this place. We preferred to drive down in our own car and stayed here for 1 night, 2 days.It was a 3 hr drive. We reached hotel at around 1 PM, post … Continue reading ANCIENT HISTORICAL TOWN – NEEMRANA, RAJASTHAN, INDIA


When I was in school, I always had some inclination towards official conferences and tours. I always used to think “wow – it’s so much fun in travelling/conferences”. My fantasy soon became hard reality and I got to know the fact, that all these conferences are super hectic. Luckily I got a chance to roam around during all my conference places in the free time. Mahabaleshwar It is a small hill station in the Western Ghats range. The hill station is very relaxing and beautiful.  Few spots which can be seen include: 3 monkey point – Natural sculpture of 3 … Continue reading HILLS, BEACHES, MOUNTAIN PASS – GATEWAYS, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA


Haryana is a state in Northern part of India. It surrounds the capital Delhi from three sides forming northern, southern and western borders of Delhi. Hence the state is very scattered. The state has its own charm and has couple of tourism spots. Gurgaon It is Located at the South border of Delhi.  Is mainly known as industrial and financial hub, due to many companies have their headquarters. It has many big malls and several good restaurants for partying. The major tourist attraction is – Kingdom of Dreams, which is first live entertainment, theater and leisure destination. It has two … Continue reading EXPLORING HARYANA, INDIA


We all friends were discussing about one day trip to some place, where everyone can spend some time with each other and will also get a break from their regular routine.  After lot of discussion, somebody suggested – “let’s go to Sariska – it’s a place nearby & we can come back in a day” Bingo – everyone agreed instantly. On the day of our picnic, we all started early(to avoid traffic jams) in our cars and met at decided point (as people were coming from different parts of the city), from where, we further started our journey together. It … Continue reading SARISKA NATIONAL PARK – RAJASTHAN, INDIA


It would not be wrong to say Agra is synonym to Taj Mahal. The City is famous because of this spectacular monument in the city, Taj Mahal – 7th Wonder of the World. Have visited Taj Mahal 3-4times, andthe white beautiful stone structure is mesmerizing every time i have seen. It is weekend gateway from Delhi and takes 3-4 hours road drive. One can either come back the same day or can stay for a day to enjoy the beauty. Best time to visit – August – Mar (when the climate is cooler). During summer, the flooring gets very hot to walk … Continue reading AGRA – CITY OF TAJ, UTTAR PRADESH, INDIA


Ashtavinayak – literally means 8 Ganesha in Sanskrit. It is another very popular/well known gateway (for youngsters)/religious place in the state of Maharashtra.The trip refers to visiting 8 distinct idols of Ganesha, which are situated around Pune. Lord Ganesha is worshiped for unity, prosperity, learning and removes any obstacle. The pilgrimage s important because all the murtis were completely formed by nature, and were not created by human. We visited this place immediately post our marriage as their was a obligation which had to be fulfilled. Earlier, i was really upset as i generally do not like visiting temples. But i have to … Continue reading HOLY PLACE – ASHTAVINAYAK, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA