Learn Yoga Prana Vidya (YPV): Healing

What is Yoga Prana Vidya (YPV)?

Yoga Prana Vidya is a technique of balancing and healing the energy body. The technique is a no-drug, no-touch therapy, which involves channelling energy from the healer to the patient.


Spiritual & meditationHealing & protectionprosperity & abundance
Achieving Union With Atma (Soul)YPV Level -1YPV Manifestation
Arhat YogaYPV Level – 2YPV Vaastu
Inner Teachings of BuddhismYPV Level – 3YPV Spiritual Technology for Business management
Inner teachings of HinduismYPV with Crystals
Spiritual Essence of HumansYPV Psychic Self Protection
YPV – I ChingYPV Energy Facial & Weight Loss
YPV – Om Mani Padme HumYPV Healer Development Program – 1 (HDP-1)


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