“If You Can Visualize It, If You Can Dream It, There’s Always Some Way To Do It”

Is the mantra of life I follow. My name is Sarika, A Dotting Mother, Loving Wife, Meditation Teacher, Pranic Healer, Travel Blogger or Homemaker, I have become an expert in donning different hats in everyday life.

An MBA by qualification with 9+ years’ experience in the media industry, as a research and marketing professional have taught me to have multiple perspective about things and has made me a better person today.

My passion for travel in different parts of the world has helped me gather some of the best life experiences till date.
Travelling to different places, experiencing divergent culture, seeing/meeting new people, coming out of your comfort zone  always teaches you something new. It always gives another perspective of different things and situations which we never knew existed.
Every time you travel, you learn something new.

In my travelogue I have tried to capture all my memories and experiences, so that I can always relive and cherish those moments. of my life


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