Beejom Farms, Noida


Every weekend their is a question what should we do? Where should we go? And I every weekend search for new places which we can explore, like one day picnic type. We both love to travel and we enjoy having unique experiences. While doing my weekend homework for searching a place, i came across this hidden gem called Beejom Farm (that too very close to our place). Though i was not very keen but i shared the idea and instantly everyone agreed to visit this place. And it was decided if we didn’t like it much we will go to some mall to spend rest of the evening.

It started raining when we were on our way to this place. But we still continued and went here. This place is just on the other side of the road. One side it is concrete jungle and the other side there are farms. No one will ever know or see farms from the road. They are invisible from the express way.

But once you cross the road and go further inside the lanes you will find serene nature which was so near to you, and you like a fool were searching for peaceful places to go. The way to reach here is simply amazing. There are many farms on the way and you could learn horse riding and polo in some farms here.

Travelling here reminded me of visiting some country side (usually mentioned in English Novels or as shown in Hollywood movies). This place turned out to be astonishing. Way better than what i expected.

country side

This place is farm land for of all domestic animals. When we entered, we saw many horses, and then saw huge cow shed and buffalo shed. There are also huge size pigs, rabbits, goats, hens, ducks, cats, dogs. All the animals are taken care of and are kept in best possible health. Other than animals many seasonal vegetables are grown here.

cow shed
with the horses

The vegetables are also sold here on Sat evening. The best part – entry is absolutely free here. You can go here, enjoy the farmland with animals and organic vegetables, get thousands of pictures clicked (amazing place for photo lovers), feel the country side atmosphere, have a cup of tea (which is also complimentary), relax and come back home. What else you want. A peaceful place in a concrete jungle.

Different vegetables
Waiting for Tea with Pakodas in the rainy season

Here many workshops are also conducted that too at no cost. I wish to attend one on them in upcoming weeks. My experience was awesome here and i will definitely visit this place again.


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