As the saying goes “All is well if it ends well”. Year 2018 could not have ended in a better way. A memorable trip which, I would be cherishing for a very long time. And this trip is surely a spoiler for me. It has given me a taste of luxury.

What else you want, to call it a perfect holiday start – an upgrade to business class, a drink in hand, menu card on your side and stunning view of Mt Everest. I couldn’t have asked for more.

We were planning for this trip for a long time. In 2012, our bookings to Kaziranga got cancelled due to Rhino counting (census), and from that time it was in our mind that we will come to Assam again only for Kaziranga.

So we planned this week’s long trip, to Assam (for Kaziranga) and Meghalaya (for Cherrapunji). We landed in Guwahati and immediately proceeded to Kaziranga. It took 7 hrs approx (lunch break in between) for us to reach to our stay – Infinity Resort. It was a beautiful resort and so was our room. It was late evening when we reached hotel, so we decided to have an early dinner and rested our day.

Our Room

Day 2 – Next morning at 4.00AM, a jeep came to pick us up for our Elephant Safari to Western Region. The forest is divided into four regions for safaris.

  • Western Region – Elephant safari is done only in this region. Jeep Safari is also available. It is the best region for spotting animals.
  • Central – Region – Only Jeep Safaris.
  • Eastern Region – Only Jeep Safaris. Best if one is fond of bird watching. Different types of migratory species of birds are spotted here.
  • Burapahar – Best for trekking and bird lovers.

Our Safari started at 4.30AM, it was still dark and we were into the dense forest. Sitting on Elephant and exploring such a deep forest in the cold morning, is itself an experience. And I would say, it is a bonus if you spot animals. The tall elephant grass, marshland, river was so beautiful. The water which was falling from the branches on your legs when elephant was crossing the trees was simply amazing.

It is very easy to spot Rhinos, as the forest resides 2/3rd (approx 1200) of the Indian Rhino (one horned Rhino) of the World, but difficult to spot from near proximity.
We were very lucky to spot 8-10 Rhinos very closely.

Elephant Greeting “Good Morning”

After our successful Elephant safari, we came to our Hotel. Post breakfast we went to Orchid & Bio Diversity Park.

Tea Garden

After an early lunch we went for our next round of Safari in Jeep. We spotted many Rhinos, Wild Water Buffalo, Wild Boar, Deer’s and many exotic birds.

During Jeep Route

Day 3- Next Day morning we did Nature Trail Walk.  And later proceeded to our next destination in the states of Meghalaya.

Trail Walk Path

Some Tips:

  • Elephant Safari is a must, one should experience.
  • Carry Binoculars during Jeep Safari
  • Always wear jacket, cap, gloves during elephant safari as iron rods gets very cold for holding


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