It’s my sister’s wedding. And the most important rather exciting work is to do shopping. So we all decided to go to Yeola to purchase traditional maharashtrian saree – “Paithani”. The saree is made with very fine thread with Peacock design at the Border and Pallu. But now a days Lotus is also being made instead of Peacocks for variety. The saree looks really elegant when worn.

Yeola is the only city in the State of Maharashta for purchasing traditional Paithani at a whole sale rate. So it is only advisable to go there if one wants to buy sarees in bulk.


Our journey started early morning from Pune to reach the highway early, so we could avoid all the city traffic. It took us 6 hrs to reach Yeola with a breakfast break in between. The journey to reach the place was beautiful. The roads were good, the farms on both sides of the road, gave a feel good factor. The way to Yeola felt like a English NovelĀ  country side road description.

We reached there by noon, and immediately went to a shop for shopping. We spent roughly around 6-7 hrs to buy sarees. We could have spent more time there, but then we had to come back the same day and it was already dark.

While coming back the roads looked so narrow, dark. It was actually like some kind of adventure. Our’s was the only car on the dark,narrow road. There was seriously no body as far as our eyes could go. Similar to a story of a novel. But it was actually exciting. We actually felt little relaxed upon reaching the highway.

Yeola as a city has nothing to do offer much than shopping. But the journey to reach here is good, if one loves to drive on the roads. Also, one can visit “Shirdi Sai Baba”, famous mandir in Nashik.

I had an amazing experience of the this short trip. It was super refreshing experience.

*saree pic sourced from the internet

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