I was very fascinated with the term Mela (in hindi)/Fair (in english) from my childhood. And the all thanks to our Bollywood movies. Brothers or family members used to get separate from each other in Mela and reunite later after many years. This used to be plot of many bollywood movie.

Finally i got a chance to fulfil my wish this year in 32nd Surajkund mela organized in Faridabad, Haryana.



Surajkund mela is at par with international standard fair and is worlds largest craft fair This festival is held yearly for 15 days in the month of Feb showcasing best of Indian tradional handicrafts, food, music and dance. A state is picked every year as a theme to highlight its culture. So all the things like food, decoration, music, dance is as per the state personality.

This year the theme was on the state “Uttar Pradesh”. The mela showcased some of the most exquisite handlooms and handicrafts. While, Food, Music, Dance, Handicrafts were all showcasing the rich culture of the state.


The mela wasn’t far away from my place, so we decided to take a car with us. We reached the mela by noon. It was so vibrant and colourful as we entered. We did lot of shopping  from clothes, earrings, home decor, shoes…etc and relished all the food which satisfied our taste buds.

The fair was so big to see it in a day. But i was super excited that finally  could see in person how the mela looks like. And the whole experience was just fabulous.


One should definitely visit a Mela/Fair once to experience different style of shopping, to feel the culture of the Mela. It can also become another reason for meeting your old friends in your respective busy life.





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