Japan’s first permanent capital is now known as Nara, is full of historic treasure and scenic beauty. The city is compact and the highlights can be packed in a day tour of this place.

We clubbed our Nara tour along with couple of things to see in Kyoto. We started our tour to Nara post lunch. There are mainly three interesting places to see here.

Todaiji Temple

The Great Eastern temple is one of the most famous and significant temple in Japan. The massive building houses one of the largest Bronze statue of Buddha – Daibutsu. The seated statue is 15m tall and represents vairocana and is flanked by two bodhisattvas. Todaiji’s main hall – Daibutsuden is worlds largest wooden building.


Another attraction of this temple is the pillar with a hole in its base. It is believed that whoever is able to pass through this hole will be granted enlightenment in the next incarnation. And the hole size is same as Daibutsu nostril.

I didn’t tried to squeeze myself from the hole as there was a long line of people waiting for their turn and two I was little scared.

Nara Deer Park

The park is a home of 1000+ deer’s freely roaming. The deer’s are considered as a messengers of god. The Deer’s are generally calm but they get very aggressive once they sense you are feeding them. The crackers are for sale around the park. There are some deer’s who have learned to bow to visitors to ask them to feed. This site of deer was really interesting to see. It was super fun to feed them.


Feeding the Deer

Kasuga Taisha

It is mot celebrated shrine of the city. It is famous for its lanterns which have been donated by worshippers. Hundreds of lanterns are lined in the pathways of stones and bronze. The lanterns are lit only twice in a the year during lantern festival held in February and August.


Stone and Wooden Lanterns
Hanging Bronze Lanterns



Apart from above mentioned, we also visited Nara Nagomikan, which is the largest souvenir shop in Nara.

Nara should definitely be part of an itinerary while visiting Japan.


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