We were very excited this morning as it was our last day of our trip in Japan and also the last day of the year 2017. Remembering the last day gave me such a nostalgic feeling on my journey to this place.

Here I go –  

We woke up early and reached our first meeting point in Tokyo which was only 2 min walk from our hotel. From there we boarded a bus to reach our second meeting point i.e. Hamamatsucho Bus Terminal. It was a beautiful 2 hr bus drive to Nikko. We could see the fields, mountains all along  the  way which made the journey so scenic.

Our first tourist spot was Toshogu Shrine – It is said that it is the final resting place of Tokugawa Ieyasu, who ruled the country for over 250 years. The shrine is build on his name as the “Great Deity of the East Shining Light”.  The shrine consist of several beautiful buildings decorated with gold leaves and wood carving. It is the only Shrine which depicts both Shinto and Buddhist culture.

The most notable architecture in the shrine is five storey pagoda gate which is opened only periodically to the visitors. The interesting buildings includes Entrance Gate of the Imaginary Elephants, Three Stores House, Stable House of 3 monkeys which depicts “speak no evil, see no evil, listen no evil”

Five Pagoda Gate


Imaginary Elephants

The other interesting monument is the Yakushido Temple which features Crying Dragon. One can also see the sleeping cat at Sakashitamon Gate. Beyond these building is the main hall which is dedicated to the Ieyasu spirits. One needs to remove their shoes to go this place. The Shrine is very big and different from rest of the Shrines in Japan.

Crying Dragon

It was freezing cold the day we visited this place.

Before moving to our next tourist spot we took a brief stop for lunch. The lunch was superb served in a Japanese style. The experience of eating vegetarian food in Japanese style was amazing. It is heaven non vegetarian foodies.

Our next stop was my personal favourite Lake Chuzenji. The view which we got upon reaching here was jaw dropping. Everything was freezing Trees, Roads, Humans except the Lake which was quite surprizing. Actually that’s the speciality of this lake it never freezes despite being the highest lake in Japan.


The last and final spot was Kegon Falls. It is the most famous water falls in Nikko and the most beautiful in Japan. It is the only exit gate for waters of Lake Chuzenji. The temperature was freezing outside but the view was spectacular. There are  many souvenirs shops here available for shopping.


It was definitely one of the best tour I ever had. Highly recommended during winters.


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