Hakone, is known for its scenic beauty for all the four seasons of the year. One could travel to this place any time around the year due to its pleasant weather throughout.

It is one of the most popular destination travelled, due to its proximity to Tokyo and stunning views of Mt. Fuji. Hot Springs, Lake Ashi and Mt Komagatake ropeway are other big attractions for foreign travellers.

Hakone tour was scheduled in the second half of the day, post lunch. The itinerary didn’t excited me much. After witnessing Mt Fuji in the morning, I was thinking there would be nothing new or unique experience this city is gonna give me. It would be just another boat cruise and gondola ride which I have taken many a times earlier in different places. But I was dumbfounded by the experience it offered me.

The first thing I saw while going to Hakone from Mt Fuji was Pampas Grass Field. The Grass field is very unique. It changes its colour from green to yellow to golden yellow to brown when it is burned. It is also routinely burned to avoid other plant to grow in the field.


pampas grass
Pampas Grass Field


The other exciting thing which I saw on the way was Hot Sulphurous spring. There is also a cable ride which goes to the top if one wants to see. But it was closed at that time when I went due to some volcanic activity happening. And one may also face breathing problems because of the presence of sulphur.

Finally, the bus stopped at the first tourist spot, which was Lake Ashi Boat Cruise. The views were really good from the Lake. The only thing I felt was the duration of the cruise was very less. By the time people settled on the boat, the cruise came to an end. It should have been atleast for 30 mins instead of 15 mins.


view from lake ashi (1)
Lake Ashi
view from lake ashi (2)
View from The Boat Cruise


The next destination was Mt Komagatake via ropeway. The gondola ride offered a stunning view of Lake Ashi, breathtaking surrounding mountains and magnificent view of Mt Fuji. The ride was unique in itself, as it only took 7 mins. to carry 100 pax together. I have never seen such a big capacity gondola.


view from gondola
View from Gondola

The high point for me came when I reached the top. Huge space to move around which one could not have even imagined from bottom. The place was so mesmerizing. I could have spent hours sitting there. It was so beautiful. Honestly, I liked this spot more than Mt Fuji.

Amazing Walk
Huge Area on the Top to Explore
What a view of Lake Ashi



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