Japan has always been a fascinating nation. Off late many of my known went to Japan and have been hearing lot of stories and things from them. Finally even I got an opportunity to see and live all the stories heard. Nevertheless everything I heard was true.

Observatory Deck at Airport


Here, am sharing a story on things I found super fascinating in Japan:

Train System – Travelling in Japan is very easy due to its train system which I believe is best in the world. Although sometimes you may feel that map is so complicated and confusing, but if one knows how to read it or what information to look for, it is simply simple & easy to understand. It is provides all possible details from fare to station to route…etc…everything. The more specific you are in your requirement the more precise information it will provide. Below are different types of trains which runs in Japan:

  • Bullet Train – Known as Shinkansen in Japanese. It takes you from one city to another. There are many types in this – fast trains (which are either non stop or stops at couple of destinations), slow trains (which has more stops). Lets not get into details else one will go mad.
  • Ordinary Trains – Which operates within the city. There are many types in Ordinary trains as well like Regular, Rapid, Express, Linear..etc…. which are again categorised into fast, slow, with surcharge, without surcharge trains.
  • Then there are also special trains (for foreigners which runs in peak season especially in Summers) and Green Trains.


Toilets – I know you would be amazed to find this mentioned. But trust me it is the most amazing thing I experienced here in Japan. The Toilets can be so complicated yet so simple. There are multiple buttons for the toilet to press and use. Washing from front, rear have separate buttons to press. How much water pressure you want, how much hot or cold water you want. I had never thought of getting such a luxuries/detailed toilet. I simply loved it if I have to sum up.

functional board for using toilet *


Miniature Architecture – Everything from house, restaurants, food is small in size/portions, but still has everything in it. E.g. Ours was a 4* hotel, so we expected a luxuries room like a normal hotel usually has, but we were stunned to see such a tiny room (there was hardly any space to walk) and at the same time amazed that it had everything from Bed, Sofa, Table,iron board, TV, cupboards, coffee machine, bathroom slippers, bath robs, all the things which one may need in the bathroom.

Food options at Osaka airport


Punctuality – Everything here from systems, organizations, people are super punctual, rather 10 mins before types.  If it is said that you have to be here at 07.30am, it means 07.30am. The bus/tour will leave you if you are late even by 2 mins. The trains/bus would be there at said time, not a second late or early. They really value time, the thing which I admire and I loved it.

People – The people here are super polite and humble. They always have smile on their face and are ready to help on anything in the world.

Other than above mentioned, I liked the way they dress in Kimono, language, culture in short everything.

*toilet pic sourced from internet


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