Experiencing Jhugfraujoch is the highlight of any trip to Switzerland. This is a different world altogether. The view from here nearly takes a breath away – glaciers all around snow crunches under the feet, icy air across your face and chilling wind with little drizzle on your body. One can only understand what I am trying to say, is by visiting this heaven.


I got an opportunity to visit this wonderful place when I was studying. Never thought in my dreams, that I would ever go to this place so early in my life and that too my first travel place abroad from my home country. But I was destined to go here and witness this nature’s beauty.

Jungfrau is well connected via its railway station. Rather it is the highest railway station in Europe at 11,000+ feet above sea level. The train into the mountains leaves from Kleine Schedegg, which can be reached from Grindelwald and Lauterbrunnen. The journey to reach here itself is very interesting and mesmerizing. The journey is like a build up story which takes you to the story climax (if I have to put it in a movie like thing)

The train enters the tunnel and takes 2 stops in between so that the passengers can witness the natural beauty (glaciers) along with man made beauty (the eiger tunnel)

Eismeer – Also known as Sea of Ice, is one of a stop in the journey for 5 minutes, so that one can take pictures and admire the natural beauty of ice blankets all over, through a glass tunnel.


Eigerwand Station – Another stopover of 5 minutes in the train’s journey to see the beauty.

Upon reaching the final destination, the climax point as I mentioned earlier, another breath taking view was awaiting.



Ice Place – I was awestruck after seeing this. No words for this man made splendour.


Alpine Sensation

Jungfrau Paranoma – It provides a 360-degree panorama of the mountain world that  otherwise is difficult to see. With camera one can go through the clouds, sink into ice crevices or fall into heaps of snow

Great Aletsch Glacier – It is the longest glacier in the Alps. Experienced skiers can also go from a hike from this point.


Snow Fun Park which included rides like Snow Tubing, Skiing, playing with the ice balls…etc..


Tyrolienne (zipping/ropeway) – This was another adventure in itself. To reach to a starting point of zipline was difficult. The climbing was quite steep and there was only a rope to hold on but it couldn’t take much of our weight to pull us forward. Somehow we managed to reach the top of the activity point. The Glacier looked amazing from that point. It took me almost 30 minutes to reach the starting point and not even 5 mins to come down through zipping. But a must do small adventure, I would say.


The only thing I missed here doing was Reindeer Sledge, which I really wanted to do. I was super mesmerized by seeing this in Hollywood movies. Although we reached here on time, but was not aware that the ride closes at 2 in the afternoon. Otherwise I would have done this first and rest of the rides later.

I enjoyed every bit, every thing, and every second I was here. A must go place for a traveller and  adventure freak.


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