Interlaken known for its better connectivity to various regions is situated at the edge of 3 region Jungfrau, Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. The view from this place is spectacular especially during good weather.

We all friends, while in Switzerland on a study tour back in 2007, went here to do the famous adventure sport – paragliding. But that day to our dismay the weather condition was not suitable to do so. It was little drizzling that day which resulted in all the activities to be called off. I was very disappointed for not being able to do. The rest of the friends were initially sad but were ok after couple of hours. But I couldn’t think of any other thing except paragliding. We spent couple of hours here thinking the drizzle would stop and the activity would resume. Although the rain stopped but the weather condition was still not good for gliding.


So finally I decided to enjoy the weather, scenic beauty. The entire place was so beautiful, clean, serene. The nature had shown its best side that day. Finally we wet back to our hotel.

The next day morning one of my friend asked me, weather I was still interested in doing paragliding.  As all the members in the group were planning to go for shopping. And there I was confused to make a choice. My mind was conflicting between paragliding and shopping. One mind was saying, I should go for shopping and buy things for my loved ones – mom, dad, relatives, friends -as I was the first person in the family to go abroad back then. And the other mind was stuck to do paragliding saying – I may not get this opportunity again. Finally I decided to choose lifetime experience over short term pleasure. Yes I choose paragliding over shopping.

So, both of us (me & my friend) went to Interlaken for my dream to glide. The rest of the folks went for shopping. It was again not so good weather but the paragliding was open. Without wasting any time, I quickly booked for my turn. Although it was expensive for a student but it was nothing in front of the experience I was getting.

The two people came and I went with them in a bus. I was the only person for whom the entire bus was going. After 30 minutes we reached the gliding spot. My guide started preparing the glide to take off – laying of parachute in a certain way, tying the safety equipment…etc. , the feeling I had watching him that time, is hard to describe. Finally, it was time, the moment I jumped from the mountain which was above 4,400ft above ground, I felt like a free spirit, top of the world.


The only thought I had at that point of time was – Thank god I choose this, I followed my dream, else I would have regretted all the time later. It was the best thing ever happened to me.

My glide lasted for about 20 Minutes. My guide took the parachute as close to the mountains as possible for us to remain safe. And he also made the chute fly like a roller coater ride. It was just awesome. I was enjoying every moment of it – the breath taking views of the mountain, lakes, valley cool air ..etc..


Upon landing, I got to know that all gliding activities have been stopped due to bad weather condition. I was lucky to book at the right time.


safely landed on ground


When I reached hotel in the evening I made everyone jealous by showing my gliding pictures. And my regret for not going for a shopping with them had gone forever.

This is my short story of making one of my dream come true. And yes I will have to give credit to my friend who came with me that day, else it would have been difficult for me to go alone.



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