When I was in school, I always had some inclination towards official conferences and tours. I always used to think “wow – it’s so much fun in travelling/conferences”. My fantasy soon became hard reality and I got to know the fact, that all these conferences are super hectic. Luckily I got a chance to roam around during all my conference places in the free time.


It is a small hill station in the Western Ghats range. The hill station is very relaxing and beautiful.  Few spots which can be seen include:

  • 3 monkey point – Natural sculpture of 3 st
    ones in the shape of monkey
  • Wilson Point – highest point watching for sunrise/sunset
  • Arthur Seat point
  • Veena lake
  • Needle PointDSC00073

Generally, the names given to these spots are I feel only for creating more tourists spots, else, it’s the similar view from different angles which is mesmerizing.

One can visit round the year to get a break from the hectic city life.


It is another hill station in the Western Ghats range. It is very popular weekend gateway from Mumbai. The hill station is very beautiful which preserves the British style architecture.

The roads are made of red sand/stone (whatever you call it). One has to either walk or ride on horses to roam around. There is no other vehicle available.

The feeling/experience to ride on a horse is splendid. There are again similar spots for tourism.

I do not remember all the spots names but couple of them are:

  • Panorama point – The sunrise and sunset looks beautiful from this place. Also, I have eaten the best VadaPav (Maharashtrian snack) till date on this point.
  • Other spots are echo point, Louisa point….etc

One can visit round the year as a weekend gateway.


It is another hill station and popular weekend
DSC00186gateway. It is more famous for Chikki (various types of sweet hard candy). There are multiple spots designed which one can visit.

There is also a small townandlakewhich can be visited.

Best time to travel thisplace is during rainy season, when the view from the hill is breath-taking


It is a coastal town in Konkan Maharashtra. Alibagh beach and fort are the two major attractions at this place. One can travel from Mumbai to Alibagh through Ferry or Road. The ferries from Mumbai’s gateway of India runs at hourly frequency.


It gets a bit hot during summers but is a good option as a gateway from Mumbai for relaxation.

Malshej Ghat

It is a mountain pass in Western Ghats range. It is another very popular destination for a day’s picnic and gateways from Mumbai & Pune. There are gushing waterfalls on the roads to enjoy.pass

The only resort there is overbooked during the peak season; therefore, one needs to do pre booking before reaching this place if planning to stay overnight.

Best time to Visit – Monsoon months Aug-Sep

All these places are good relaxing gateways/day picnic spots from Mumbai or Pune.

My Suggestion – One should stay there overnight to admire the beauty offered by the nature.

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