We all friends were discussing about one day trip to some place, where everyone can spend some time with each other and will also get a break from their regular routine.  After lot of discussion, somebody suggested – “let’s go to Sariska – it’s a place nearby & we can come back in a day”

Bingo – everyone agreed instantly.


On the day of our picnic, we all started early(to avoid traffic jams) in our cars and met at decided point (as people were coming from different parts of the city), from where, we further started our journey together.

It took us 4-5 hours to reach Sariska national park, from where, we hired 4 jeeps to accommodate 20 pax for Jungle Safari.

Animals like  Jungle Cat, Hyena, Chital, Sambhar, Deer, Nilgai, Hanuman Langur, Rhesus Monkeys, and plenty of bird species and reptiles were spotted during our Safari.


On the way backthrough thejungle, there was news of the big cat being spotted ahead. Our Safari Jeep driver tried his best to catch the glimpse of the wild cat, but we just missed it, by couple of seconds.  The Jeep 50 meters ahead of us saw the cat & captured the animal in a video. We were little disheartened as we missed it by just few seconds.

One can also visit the temple there in the jungle.

While coming back to Delhi, we halted at a place called “Silisera”- which is also another picnic spot/gateway near Delhi. One can enjoy boating there with family/friends.

The only thing I felt, it was a little hectic drive.  A night stay at Sariska would have made the overall travel more relaxed and we could have enjoyed the Silisera more during the next day, in the natural day light.

Best time to visit Sariska – summers (May to July), when animals come out more often to drink water.

Best Time to Visit Silisera – Aug – April (when it’s not too hot)

It was a great day with friends. A place to visit for animal and nature lover.

On the whole, good place for a weekend gateway/day picnic from Delhi.


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