Harihareshwar is also referred as “House of God or Dev Bhoomi”. It is situated in Raigad district of Maharashtra. It is very a popular weekend gateway for people from Mumbai, Pune…and other parts of Maharashtra. This Konkan place is best known for its temples and beaches.

Beach near the temple

I have been travelling to this place every year post my marriage as it is a resident of our “kul-dev” Shiva.
It is said that Shiv ji along with Vishnu ji, Brahma Ji & Parvatii Ji appeared here and blessed this place as their home.
Therefore, all 4 hills surrounding the place are named as Harihareshwar, Harshinachal, Bramhadri and Pushpadri.
Although i do not like to visit temples, but the journey to reach this place is very refreshing.

People who do not like to visit religious places can consider this place as a picnic spot. The road journey itself is very soothing and enjoyable with friends, family.  Senior/old members of the family are happy as their grandson/daughter are travelling to religious place and young people can enjoy as a short get together trip.

There are two beaches in Harihareshwar – one in front of the Temple (North) & other in front of MTDC resorts (South).

I liked the temple beach more than the one near MTDC – as it is more beautiful, calm.

Both the beaches are generally not so crowded, so one can enjoy the peace and be oneself.
I have never stayed here, but one can stay as there are many good resorts.
My one day picnic to this place starts early from Mumbai and we reach there before noon after taking a short breakfast break at Kamath Restaurant on the highway. It is the only restaurant where they offer good service.

After visiting the temple & offering pooja, our lunch is organized at Pandit ji’s house.
One need to inform Pandit ji one day advance, if you would like to have meal at their place. They charge very nominal amount for it.
After lunch, we spend some time at the beach which is behind Pandit ji’s house. It’s really fun to find a way between a kind of jungle/small garden – same thing, to reach the beach situated behind every house.

All the houses are situated on the bank of the beach, so every house has a kind of private beach for themselves.
Post enjoying at the beach, in the evening,  we to Srivardhan to pay our prayers to Somjai Devi.
Somjai Devi mandir is known for its miraculous healing power. It is believed that person with snake bite can be cured when taken to Somjai Devi Mandir.

One can enjoy the beautiful beaches located at Srivardhan city as well.
Harihareshwar – Shrivardhan and Diveagar Beach – Three beach places are situated very near to each other. It is actually difficult for a common man to make a demarcation. The entire area is divided into three parts.

It is advisable to travel to this place in your own car, as one get the liberty of stopping anywhere in between on the way and spend quality time.

If one starts early from Mumbai at around 6 AM, one can return home by 11:00 PM.
I think one should travel to this place. It’s a nice, non expensive and refreshing one day trip from the busy routine life.


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